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  • 寧夏恒康制藥科技有限公司
      About Us

      Ningxia Heng Kang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
      Address: Hong Sheng East Road,Yinchuan Biotechnology Park (formerly Industrial Park of Nuanquan),Ningxia,China.
      Telephone: 0951-8533386
      Domain Name: www.baojixinrui.com

      Company Profile Current Location:Home >> About Us >> Company Profile

      NINGXIA HENG KANG PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., founded in the year 2013, the company is conveniently located in Yinchuan Biological Science and Technology Park, Hongsheng East Road, Helan County, Ningxia, China. On approximately 130 thousand square meters of manufacturing facility with a registered capital of RMB 80 million. Ningxia HengKang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., is a pharmaceutical technology company, capable of R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical chemical products.

      Adopted with the most advanced processing technology and equipments, the company specializes in research and development of guanidine salt intermediate, APIs, nutrition additive and other relative products and are continuing to develop in advance science and innovation of the similar products. Currently, our main category products included Creatine with a yearly production up to 5000 tons -- Creatine,and 20000tons metformin hydrochloride which CEP is available in 2023.The company is committed to focus and provide both safe environment and development, and strives to build into a green environmental establishment. The company support the commitment of “ Standard;Dedication;Efficient;Development” as an operating philosophy and further more adhere quality policy as to “Best Quality, Product Improvement” and will thrive to establish a good brand image and to better serve both domestic and global customers.


      Copyright:Ningxia Heng Kang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Copyright @ 2016 All Rights Reserved.
      Address:Yinchuan Biological Science and Technology Park Hongsheng East Road Telephone:0951-7829530