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      Ultrafine Dicyandiamide
        Published time:2017-07-18 15:40:16  Number of hits:61798second

      Ultrafine Dicyandiamide,also called Epoxy resins latent curing agent,Dicyandiamide Powder,cyanoguanidine.

        F.W 84.04

        CAS # 461-58-5

        Package:15kg cartons

        Usage:Dycure10 used at thermosetting epoxy resin system as latent curing agent, which is less than 1.6% of dispersant, in order to prevent the product caking and promote Dycure10 evenly dispersed in the epoxy resin system, widely used in one-component adhesive glue agent, composite materials and powder coating


        Appearance: white powder

        Dicyandiamide content(HPLC):97.3% min

        Anti-blocking agent:1.6% max.

        Water: 0.3% max

        D10: <10UM 90%

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